Household Estate Sales


Shoppers are drawn to estate sales because they know they can purchase anything at an estate sale, from clothing to dishes to tools to electronics.


For the seller, the benefit lies in exactly that: everything is sellable, not just “the good furniture” but everything in the home.  The seller can decide what to keep and will remove only those items. They do not have to clean or donate the remaining things to charity. One simply leaves everything exactly where it is and Abraxas staff takes over from there.


Generally a week or two before a sale, a team arrives to sort items in the house. They bring tables to display things and when everything looks well presented, the items are priced. Then photos are taken for advertising.


During the sale, there is a cashier, a door person and individuals working in different areas to assist buyers.


Business Liquidation Sales


On the premises of the business, the Abraxas team sorts items into categories (i.e. antique glass, jewelry, kitchenware) and sets up displays. The items are then priced.


During the sale there are door people, cashiers and sellers working in various areas to assist buyers.


Following a sale, casual help may be hired to clear out the premises.

Estate Sales and Liquidations