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Mary Frances Shay and the entire Abraxas team works with executors and estate trustees to attend to all of the details concerning personal property* valuations and sales. Whether it is a general appraisal, holding an estate or contents sale, or simply liquidating assets in preparation for probate, the Abraxas team offer a stress-free solution.


From the moment that you entrust Mary Frances and the Abraxas team, you will be relieved of the planning and the time-consuming arrangements that are involved in evaluating and disposing of personal assets. An all inclusive service from start to finish.

Mary Frances Shay owns and personally manages Abraxas Appraisals and Liquidation. Well known in the Ottawa area, Mary Frances has been involved in the business of people for over twenty-five years, with a background in the field of social services and an extensive professional career in her field. She is accustomed to working with people through times of distress with tact and diplomacy and it's easy to see that she cares.


Having been involved in the selling of goods both as a former auction block clerk and as a flea market vendor, she has acquired a broad knowledge of the value of household items. She is certified by the Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group. She has developed a team of reliable people from the industry who can help her organize, appraise, advertise and sell.


Her long time core group of her staff is experienced in the antique business, appraisals and estate sales or selling. Additional workers assist with general labor kinds of jobs like moving furniture and cleaning out homes.

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