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Certified Canadian Personal Property Appraiser

An appraiser just can't guess at the value of an item. Laws require training and exactness and thats why a CPPAG certified appraiser is the best choice


Combining education, experience and professionalism in its students, members and staff is a must for the CPPA Group. As a member of the CCPAG it is the appraiser’s responsibility to uphold the code of ethics while promoting and maintaining industry standards.


The CPPAG is recognized throughout Canada and the United States. The business is a Canadian made, national appraisal organization comprising of a network of accredited appraisers. This group is well versed in the uniform standards of appraisal, the Code of Ethics for appraisers and measure of professionalism.

CPPAG Code of Ethics


  • The appraiser will accept an appraisal assignment only if the appraisal can be performed without bias.

  • ​The appraiser shall disclose any interest in the appraisal property.

  • ​The appraiser shall obtain all relevant facts referring to the subject property in order to form the final analysis of value.

  • ​The appraiser shall respect and maintain the confidential nature of an appraisal report. The contents of the report shall not be disclosed to third parties unless by a court order, or by consent of the client.

  • ​The appraiser shall put all formal appraisal reports in writing which will be certified by their signature.

  • ​The appraiser shall not assess any" prohibited fee" in seeking compensation for a report.

  • ​The appraiser shall remain and demonstrate respect for others in the appraisal profession.

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